When you are installing or opening an application related to a particular piece of hardware on your computer, you see an error message “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (code 43)”, also known as error code 43. In this article, we will guide you to find out the cause and how to fix it.

What is Error code 43

Error 43 usually shows up when you attach a new hardware device to your computer and run it. This error message may appear while installing a program, while a Microsoft Corporation-related software program is running, while turning on or off Windows, or during the installation of Windows 7/8. / 10 / XP … Tracking the time and place of your error 43 is an important part of troubleshooting the most accurate and easy way.

Cause of error code 43

There are many causes for error code 43.

– Windows registry is corrupted or modified incorrectly

-Driver conflict after installing new hardware

-Faulty hardware

-Your computer is infected with a virus or malware

Here are some fixes for error 43 for each specific cause.

How to fix error code 43

Method 1: Possibly, error 43 is caused by a temporary problem of your computer hardware

In case of errors occur on the removable hardware such as USB, Laptop Battery, Ram, Graphics Card…remove the hardware, wait a few minutes and then reinsert them. The hardware is not properly installed, the slot is loose, sticky dirt…This may cause the hardware to behave badly causing the unwanted error. Remove and reinsert the hardware device, and then restart your computer.

Method 2: Error 43 due to device driver not installed or driver is outdated

To fix this you need to find the latest drivers for your device. You can search for them automatically or manually.


You can search for drivers + device name on Google, or search on the official website of the hardware vendors. If you use a synchronous computer or laptop, you can search for drivers by entering the serial number of the computer on the Microsoft website.


You can use some automated driver search software, example Driver Easy, Driver Booster, Driver Detective…Download software, scan and install the latest drivers.

Method 3: Drivers for hardware devices are not compatible with the current version of Windows

Step 1. Click Start or press the Windows key on your keyboard

Step 2. Type “update” into the search box and then press ENTER

Step 3. Look in the Windows Update dialog, if you see any new updates appear, please update them by clicking the Install Updates button

Method 4: Your computer is infected with a virus or malware

You can use some common antivirus software to scan and remove them.  Some antivirus software recommend that you use: Avira Antivirus 2018, AVG AntiVirus, Avast Antivirus 2018, Kaspersky. The software comes with free and paid versions that fit your needs.

Method 5: Worst case

Where your computer hardware is faulty, broken, or the version of Windows that you are using has been too many irreparable errors. You can only replace your hardware, repair Windows, or reinstall Windows if needed.

If you encounter some other error for example 0xc00000050x8007042b or 0x800704cf, please read our previous posts, or search them on the search box of our site.

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