You need to find the best driver updater for your computer?

Driver is an important component that allows the device to communicate with the operating system. Take a simple example: When you buy a printer, let it connect to your laptop or PC, you will need to install the driver from the manufacturer. You need to know the version as well as the parameters related to the OS. In addition, drivers need to be updated regularly.

Some drivers automatically update with the Windows operating system. But this usually takes a long time because the tool is not fast enough.

Therefore, software testing and driver updates are very useful. Here is a list of the 20 best free driver updater for your PC in 2018:

1. Driver Support

Pros: Driver Support is a reliable software, which updates all the most important drivers on your computer.
Cons: There are no online forums or chats, newbies help.

2. Advanced Driver Updater

Pros: Advanced Driver Updater saves drivers to rar files, which helps you find the most drivers in your tests.
Cons: Can not use on Ethernet, outdated sound drivers on test PCs.

3. Smart Driver Updater

Pros: In the test, the Smart Driver Updater finds a large number of missing drivers, and just one click download can update the entire driver.
Cons: In the test, this software removes the driver to help manage your hard drive. Do not provide details about the recommended drivers.

4. Driver Navigator

Pros: Driver Navigator finds updates for most important drivers of your computer.
Cons: There is no hotline to support when you have problems.

5. DriverEasy

Pros: This software scans many of the missing drivers on your computer.
Cons: The security and security is not high, no support when you have problems with DriverEasy.

6. Driver Checker

Pros: There are many more features than other software, Driver Checker is very powerful and flexible in use.
Cons: In the tests of Wiki Error, this software misses some important driver updates.

7. Driver Genius

Pros: Driver Genius has a smart interface, easy to use.
Cons: Only half of the outdated drivers are found on the test machine.

8. DriverHive

Pros: DriverHive has good security, features of various software, good support for the driver that the computer requires.
Cons: Performance in trials is not high, lack of customer support hotlines.

9. DriverScanner

Pros: DriverScanner has all the important features you need to update your drivers.
Cons: The test results of this software are not high.

10. DriverUpdate

Pros: DriverUpdate finds most important drivers.
Cons: When installing this software you have to install more software, creating opportunities for malware, virus infiltration.

11. Driver Talent

Driver Talent, formerly known as DriveTheLife, is an easy-to-use tool with the ability to find missing, corrupted or outdated drivers and fix them in just one click. It can also check the drivers for your video card, sound card, network adapter or wireless adapter, motherboard, USB, printer, mouse, keyboard, scanner and many other devices. This software can also create driver packages.

12. Driver Booster

Driver Booster runs on all versions of Windows. As well as Driver Talent, it looks for an existing driver on your computer and checks for driver updates. It can work with devices from many companies, Intel, HP, Samsung and many other companies.
Driver Booster also has a free and paid version. Paid versions update everything automatically, while others require manual manipulation. This software has installation process running in the background without opening any windows.

13. DriverPack Solution

This software supports Windows XP, Vista 7/8 / 8.1 / 10, fully portable so no need to install and can run from USB. It can download driver updates without an Internet connection. Just download the DriverPack Network driver or the offline DriverPack.

14. Driver Identifier

This is one of the free driver update tools with a unique feature that can beat all the tools mentioned above. If Windows is completely reinstalled, your system may be missing a network driver to connect to. Driver Indentifier will scan the necessary drivers and provide HTML files with all downloads. You can use it on other computers that are already connected to the network to download all the necessary drivers.

15. Device Doctor

Device Doctor is a free Windows application that scans your computer hardware and checks for available driver updates for your device. It also identifies “unidentified devices” drivers in Windows, Device Manager.

16. DriverMax

DriverMax is a tool that changes the way you update your computer driver. Drivers who look for drivers themselves will know how difficult this is, but with DriverMax you no longer have to worry about it. It will scan your computer and identify missing, updated drivers.

17. Driverclouds

Driverclouds is a driver update tool unlike the tools above. It runs from its browser, so users need to install the program on the computer and then upload the file to the site. The website will give you the necessary drivers for your computer.

18. Snappy Driver Installer

Software Snappy Driver Installer Lite is the ideal tool for those who use slow or irregular Internet downloads, driver updates. You need to load the indexes through the application to scan the hardware.

19. Winzip Driver Updater

This Winzip driver update tool has a large driver database, which is always updated for hardware and software devices. Driver Updater will scan your system and identify outdated drivers.

20. Avast driver updater

Finally in this list is the avast driver updater. This does not mean that the avast driver updater is ranked the lowest by the number of votes. Avast driver updater is the latest software released in the moment, it is a very powerful software to scan and update Driver.

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  1. Alex Ryan

    Amazing work! And I would also suggest this honest driver update tool – SnailDriver, a completely free updater that I’ve been using on my Acer computer for nearly two years.

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