Sign up Gmail, create free Gmail fastest. With a Gmail account, you can log in and using all services of Google such as Gmail, Maps, Youtube…

Email is one of the most developed online services today.With a Email account, you can send email to friends, relatives or partners wherever they’re on the earth (just there are have an internet so you can exchange emails with them easily). Let’s find out a bit about the concept of email.

What is Email?

Email is an abbreviation of Electronic Mail. With email, you can send email to each other as paper mail but with outstanding speed, just a few seconds unlimited space and time, require only internet connection and an email account.

Currently there are some email services such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail/Outlook, also have some email services like Zingmail, Gomail. However, Most internet users use Gmail as their main email box.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is the most popular email services of Google. Sign up Gmail is free. You can sign up multiple Gmail accounts and use only one phone number (any network) to authenticate for multiple Gmail accounts.

With Gmail, you can store up to 15GB, the security is very good because Google is always one of the safest online services providers today.

Create a Gmail account for what?

  1. Send and receive email easily and quickly, no matter where you are, anytime.
  2. Log in, use and sync with all Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play, Youtube, Google Plus, Google Driver…
  3. Using Gmail to sign up online accounts like Facebook.
  4. Subscribe to receive promotion messages, news online.
  5. Send documents, files up to 15G.
  6. Download apps, games and books from Google Play (HC Play – Android)
  7. And more…

Notes before creating your Gmail account.

+ You should delete Cache and browser history before sign up Gmail. The reason is if someone or you have used that browser to sign up Gmail, the possibility that you’re required to confirm sign up Gmail via phone is very high (Can use other web-browser)

+ Preparing a phone number, you can use a phone number to authenticate to multiple Gmail accounts (optional).

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