Learn CC and BCC when writing outgoing mail in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail. You may also be curious about these two options when composing emails with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail. What is cc and bcc in email?

When entering the recipient’s email address in the To box, you will probably be curious about the CC and BCC lines on the right side of the To frame. Have you ever tried to click on these two words?

What is CC in email?

CC stands for carbon copy, it means the creation of copies.

Use the CC feature to send emails to multiple recipients at the same time and these people can see the list of email addresses that receive this message.

What is BCC in email?

BCC stands for blind carbon copy, it means creating temporary copies.

Difference between CC and BCC in email

BCC is similar to CC but the other point is people who are added to the BCC can not see who is also receiving this email. That means the recipient has only their email address.

When do we use CC and BCC?

-Use CC when you are not concerned that the recipient knows you send the email to many people.

-Use BCC when you do not want recipients to know you send that email to many people.

Hope you get more knowledge when using the email service!

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