loign or login? Which is correct?

Currently there are more than two hundred and fifty thousand people searching for “ loign” keywords every month, instead of login. According to Google keyword planner, Kwfinder and Ahref statistics, “ loign” is even more searched than “ login”.

Do you want to search the Microsoft home page? or you want to find something else? If you want to find Microsoft’s home page to log in to your hotmail account, go to this link: Click the Sign in button then enter your username and password for your hotmail account. If you do not have a hotmail account, please see the instructions for registering a new Hotmail account.

How to login and secure your Hotmail account 

After successfully creating a Hotmail account, please login to your account by following this guide, if you use the language is English. A few notes to secure your Hotmail account:

Use strong passwords

This is the first and most important setting that you should keep in mind. You should use strong and secure passwords so no one can use any algorithm to guess your password. What is a strong enough password? Please refer to the following requirements:

  • Not a word in the dictionary (irrespective of any language)
  • Not a variant in the dictionary
  • Not from repeated sequences
  • Do not include any personal information (date of birth, name, ID …)
  • It is best to set a random password, including full capitalization, capital letters, numbers, and special characters

Use HTTPS connection

Using HTTPS instead of HTTP means you are using a means of ensuring communication between the Hotmail server and your computer. If a hacker intercepts connections in the process of exchanging information, then the connection stops and the hacker will not be able to obtain any information. Most modern browsers display a green bar indicating that the owner of the website is in the address bar. Make sure that the owner of when you open the browser is Microsoft Corporation.

To always use HTTPS, just go to the Microsoft SSL management page and select “Use HTTPS automatically.”

Password Reset Information

  • Make sure that the “Password Reset Information” section is set up properly. So in case if you forgot your password, you will be resetting your password using this information to restore. To reset the password, you need to go to the Windows Live account page.
  • You always need to have a secondary email address (which can be attached to your Hotmail account) so that the reset password will be sent to this email if you forget it.
  • In some countries, users can add their phone number to the option to recover their password. The information will be sent to the registered phone number in the account.
  • You can also add to Trusted PC if you only use your account on a computer. Windows Live Essentials needs to be installed for this to work.
  • And finally the security question. This is equally important, as security questions should be as secure as passwords, so you should specify a safe answer to hackers.

2-step security settings for your Hotmail account

This is the most advanced and important step in your use of Hotmail. 2-step security settings using your phone number or Authenticator code. Your account will not be signed in by anyone else, even if they know your password.

If for some reason you still want to find “ loign” and not simply a spelling error, please reply to this article for us to add information. Thanks you!

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