Check new Gmail messages without signing in. Each time your Gmail has new messages, there will be a notification right in the browser you are using. Too cool right?

If you regularly check your Gmail messages for hours on a daily basis, use the add-on below. This will make it easier for you to check for new Gmail messages.

With Google Chrome Browser

Use the Google Message Checker add-on. You install here.

Click Free to install, then a window that asks you to confirm the add-on, click Add to agree to install add-ons.

Once installed, you’ll see a Google Checker icon (Gmail icon) in the top right corner of Chrome browser or Coc Coc.

With Firefox browser

Use the Gmail™ Notifier Plus add-on. Download here.

Click the Add to Firefox then a confirmation window appears, click Install to start installation.

After installation you will see the Gmail ™ Notifier Plus icon in the top right corner of Firefox browser, you will receive a new message here.

Wish you’ll use Gmail more competently!!!

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