How to add a contact to Gmail. You want to add a regular contact email to your contacts for easy sending email. See instructions.

There are two ways to add an email address to your Gmail contacts list.

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Method 1: Add the email to the contact list directly from incoming mail

In the message, click on the drop down arrow, select Add email address to Contacts. So you have added that email address to your Gmail contacts list.

Method 2: Add email to contacts

Step 1: Log into your Gmail mailbox, click on Gmail in the top left corner as shown below, select Contacts.

Step 2: Click the New Contact button.

Step 3: Enter the email address you want to add to the Email box, add information about that email address such as phone number, date of birth if you want. Gmail will automatically save so you enter the email is finished.

You return to Contacts to see new emails.

Wish you’ll use Gmail more proficient!!!

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