The main content of this article: Gmail login on PC and Laptop, Gmail login on mobile, Common errors when login to Gmail and How to fix.

Gmail is one of the largest free email providers at this time. With 25GB of free storage and auto-upload to Google Drive when the attachment size is too large, the spam filtering mode is very intelligent, Gmail is a free email should be used most. First, you need to have a Gmail address, if not, please create one here

How to login your Gmail account (Google account) on PC and Laptop- Gmail login on PC and Laptop

Step 1. Open your browser, type

Step 2. Type your Gmail address in address box, then click Next

Step 3. Type your password in password box then click Sign in

How to login your Gmail account on mobile – Gmail login on mobile (IOS or Android)

Step 1. Go to Apps tore, tap Search button

Step 2. Type “Gmail”, tap Search

Step 3. Tap the Install button, wait for the download and installation completion, and tap Open to open the application

Step 4. Type your Gmail address and password to log into the mailbox

Common errors when login to Gmail and How to fix

Couldn’t find your google account

Gmail error 400 – Bad Request Error in Chrome, Firefox

– Wrong Password : Try to retry your correct password, or reset your password at the Google password recovery page

In addition, Gmail supports the same search method Google Search and here is another advantage of Gmail compared to other competitors such as Yahoo Mail or Outlook. Once you have a gmail account, signing in to Gmail is a breeze. Another point to note is that, with Gmail, you can create beautiful and professional gmail signatures to let the recipient know exactly their name as well as address and telephone number.
For gmail users, it’s possible to sign up for Facebook using gmail instead of using a phone number, and sign up for Facebook with gmail, which will help you avoid revealing your phone number when you visit facebook in public internet stores.

In the process of using gmail, a lot of people fall into the plight of spam (Daily receive a lot of spam from unknown gmail accounts). It’s not difficult to block spam in Gmail, you just have to do some basic things to stop this situation.

E-mail is one of the services that help people communicate and work together, particularly with students. They often send and receive e-mails from teachers, friends, maybe CVs or application forms. It is also possible to report work by email, email business with partners, business cooperation letters, …. There is one thing that we do not attach importance to, especially the students. New graduate or new to work, that is the culture send and receive Email.

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