If you use multiple Gmail accounts and log in simultaneously on your browser, it’s very possible you’ve ever encountered “Bad Request error 400” (Gmail error 400). If you are experiencing this problem, do not worry any more!, we will help you fix it in a simple way.

Cause of Gmail error 400?

Bad Request Error 400 for Gmail usually occurs when there is a problem with storing cookies from the browser.

How to fix Gmail error 400

The cause of this error is the storage of cookies, so you can fix it completely by deleting cookies on your browser.

-For Google Chrome browser, you click “Customize and control google chrome”, More tools -> Clear browsing data.  Time ranger select All time, Click “Clear data” to finish. Customize and control google chrome in here:

Gmail error 400

-For Firefox, Click Menu -> preferences -> privacy -> Clear data.

In case you do not want to delete all your browsing data:

Method 1

You can remove the GMAIL_IMP value stored in cookies for mail.google.com

Step 1. Open Google Chrome.

Step 2. Right click and Select Inspect

Step 3. Select the Sources tab at the top of the Developer Tools window.

Step 4. Expand the Cookies section in the left side navigation by clicking on the arrow next to Cookies and select mail.google.com cookie.

Step 5. Find GMAIL_IMP, right click and delete.

Step 6. Close the Developer Tools window and refresh page.

Method 2

Step 1. Open Google Chrome.

Step 2. Click Customize and control google chrome.

Step 3. Click Chrome Setting.

Step 4. Click Show advanced settings.

Step 5. In the Privacy section, click the Content settings button, in the “Cookies” section, click All cookies and site data.

Step 6. Find mail.google.com then click Done.

Step 7. Refresh page.

If you encounter some other errors, please refer to our other articles by searching for them on the search box.

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